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08 July 2018

More to come ~~~

01 January 2016

Natalie Cole passed away 31 December 2015 at the age of 65.  A beautiful lady with a great voice - loved listening to her ~

on you tube ~

I joined United Air Lines in April 1964.  When I graduated from the University of the Air in Denver at Stapelton Field, I was assigned to Newark-EWR as a DC-6 Flight Engineer 15 September 1964.  In December the office called me and told me I had been "junior manned" into co-pilot on DC-6's & Viscounts in EWR.

Egg Nog
The only thing wrong with Egg Nog - is that it only appears during the holidays.  I have no one to blame tho, because I have made my own egg nog - and it was very good - better than store bought in my opinion.  Unfortunately, my egg nog does not contain maltodextrin, artificial flavors, modified food starch, carrageenan, annatto, and turmeric, so it is probably not as good for you as store bought.

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