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Favorite Links

A Listing of Some of the Sites I Go To ~

Research indicates that less than 30% of folks in the United States of America know what Memorial Day celebrates. I think it would be appropriate if the “Actual Date” and the “Observed Day” were the same—as it used to be. It should truly be a day of reverence for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and for those that wear the uniform of our Armed Forces. Bless them all…

the Blaze Radio

Glenn Beck

the BlazeTV - The Real News

the Blaze News ~

The Mark Levin Show

Rush Limbaugh


The Dave Ramsey Show


The National Rifle Association

NRA Home Page

Real Guns

Real Guns




Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

EAA - The Experimental Aircraft Association


AvWeb is an Internet aviation magazine,
and a very good one.


Old Time Radio Network

A nostalgic site for Guys & Gals my age, and I'll bet entertaining for younger folks :-)

Jazz Radio

Personal computer system