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"No mans life, liberty or property is  safe while the legislators are in session..." ~ Mark Twain

One thing for sure - President Reagan would have put the fear of God, Allah, or deity of your choice, in the governments of Syria, Egypt, and Yemen before the day was out. 
However, now - at last - we now have in Office a Commander-in-Chief who will take actions necessary to protect this Country.

When I started this diatribe 5 years ago it was titled “the Incredibly Stupid” - but then I decided to tone it down a bit.  And then - I changed my mind - because in some cases I find it still applies.  When you get into discussing politics or religion you are at times treading in a quagmire of disparate beliefs.  I mean, c’mon! - what else can you call voters that elect the Hank Johnson’s, Dick Durban’s, Barbara Boxer’s, Nancy Pelosi's, Harry Reid's, McCain's, Lindsay Graham's, Jeff Flakes, etc.  More on this...


Because of occurrences in my personal life I let my website go by the wayside.  I have been writing material for this page for 5 plus years, and it became apparent that I had enough words to create a tome.  I have pared it down and am making an attempt to present my thoughts on the situation in our country and hit the most salient points.

If you are politically a far left Democrat, lefty, liberal, progressive - you will not like what is contained in this page because it is written by a Constitutional conservative/libertarian who is disgusted with liberal - or more accurately-progressive - principles.  I used to listen to the beliefs and opinions of lefty’s, even if I didn’t agree with them, but no more.  So if you are going to come back at me with a dumb retort - don’t bother ‘cause it will go right in the circular file.  On the other hand, I may publish them to highlight what it is I am describing here.

Another reason I have been hesitant in publishing this may not be obvious - it was going to alienate me from some of my family and some acquaintances and some of them will be turned away.  Many in my immediate family are leftists so we have nothing in common politically.  In the past when they would be spouting their socialist beliefs I would just shrug it off, but now I get mad - lose my temper mad - so I stay away.  No use disrupting family get togethers.

I was asked sometime back how I would rate Obama as president on a scale of 1 to 10.  I said I couldn't because the rating scale was missing a number.  The inquisitor asked what number that was and I said, "Zero!"  By my standards the Oval Office is empty, and the election of this man has put this country in an extremely precarious position.  We have a person that does very little on a day-to-day basis and definitely is not what could in anyway be considered a Commander-In-Chief.  American presidents don’t bow or kiss the hands of foreign leaders.  If we make it through this term without a devastating occurrence taking place it will be fortunate indeed.

When the interminable run (2-3 years!!!) for the Presidency started for the ’08 election and Obama and Clinton were in the run-off, I was pleased that Obama appeared to have the chance at the nomination because I definitely did not want Hillary in the White House, and I was sure that Obama would not be elected.  Every time I saw him speak he espoused socialist - Marxist views and I knew there was no way he would get elected - not in the United States of America!  That coupled with the statements his wife Michelle made, further indicated the couples anti-American views.  Granted, when McCain got the GOP nomination it made me a bit nervous but I figured even he could beat Obama.  My hopes for McCain were bolstered a lot when he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.  In fact, the night she was introduced I had one of my premonitions - which I vocalized to the television - “I am looking at the first female president of the USA.”  A lot of folks in my circle were unhappy with the McCain nomination, but their hopes picked up when Palin came on the scene, a strong, tough conservative.  McCain’s nomination was a disaster for conservatives, facilitated by the establishment I suppose.  I could’t believe he was nominated when there were others in the running that were far more desirable to conservatives.  It was at this point that I became dissatisfied with the Republican Party.  However, it is the party, the vehicle, to get conservative politicians into office.

When Obama was nominated - and he appeared in Chicago in that Grecian setup, I looked at the crowd and it looked like a crowd of bobble head dolls.  Which is the way libs look when they are watching the mainstream media.  By the way, I can’t understand why they still call it the mainstream media - CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN are dead entities and it won’t surprise me if they actually die on the vine.  Some of the major newspapers are in the tank also because of their errant political leanings.  In fact, a lot of the minor ones are also.  In my small town - Yuma, Arizona (100K pop.) the Yuma Sun is a lefty rag - I cancelled my subscription after the first month.  When they asked me why - I told them I did not like their politics.  And it’s funny, because all the ranchers and farmers I know are conservative and Yuma is an ag area.  A year ago I was in California visiting my Mother, and I saw what appeared to be a tabloid, you know, like the Enquirer, laying on a table.  I picked it up and it was the LA Times!  I couldn’t believe it!  It was a shell of it’s former self.  Not that I was surprised that much, I cancelled my subscription in 1967 because of it’s left leaning viewpoints; couldn’t take their treatment of our military and the Vietnam War.  There are very few true news organizations left in this country, they have degenerated into purveyors of leftist ideology.  One of the few classes I got an A in high school was journalism and very few “news” organizations today meet the standards of what I was taught.  The Fox entities are the only ones that come close.  If you want good news casting, subscribe to “theBlaze.com/tv” - or for print “theBlaze.com” - good stuff.

I was stunned when Obama was elected.  I could not believe electing such a person with his and his wife’s ideology could get elected to the office of President of the United States.  After a few weeks I decided to do some research, investigate what happened, find out how a candidate with Marxist views that had not been vetted could get elected.  What really surprised me was how many people that were to the right of center did not vote.  In fact, I have come to believe that has been the case for many years.  Which brings me to statements in the media - “He/She won by a landslide!”  How can it be a landslide when such a low percentage of voters turn out.  Which explains the Tea Party.  When things started going downhill, after 2008, and the big drift towards socialism, the right said, “Enough is enough!!!” and like minded folks started to gather and the Tea Party came into being.  And while I’m on the subject, I want to mention some facts about the Tea Party - it is a movement of like minded citizens who want a return of the Constitutional Republic that the Founders designed.  It is mostly aligned with the Republican Party because that is where most of the conservatives and libertarians are (far too few of those, I might add), and the thrust is to get as many of those types into the Federal government as possible.  The Tea Party has been called all sorts of bad things - racist, fomenting violence, etc.  I look around the room when I attend Tea Party meetings and I see all races, colors and creeds, folks that are intent on paring down the federal government to it’s proper size so that this country can get back on it’s feet as the #1 country on this earth.  There is never any violent rhetoric or evil talk, just folks that care deeply about this country.

When it comes to pulling the race card, or claiming that the right is using hate language, or committing violent acts, those claims by the media appear to be misplaced - that type of stuff could be applied to the left about 100% of the time.  Compare Tea Party gatherings to lefty gatherings (as in Occupy); one Tea Party gathering I attended was at the Gateway Park located alongside the Colorado River under and just north of the bridge on Interstate 8.  From the parking lot there is a grassy slope that goes down to a wide sandy beach wherein is located a covered barbecue area where a local farmer - Don Shooter -running for state office, and Ruth McClung - Tucson housewife running for Congress against Raúl Grijalva, a far left congressman - were to be introduced by the local Tea Party chairman Russ Clark, owner of several  NAPA stores in SW Arizona.  About 200 folks attended this rally and most of them spread out blankets on the grassy slope or had beach chairs.  After the speeches were concluded, BBQ was served and folks were able to meet with the candidates.  When the rally was over, there was not one scrap of refuse - none - the area was cleaner than when we arrived.  Same situation for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, where the Park Service said there was nothing to do but empty the trashcans.  Compare that to Al Sharpton’s “Reclaim the Dream” rally (which had about 3% the attendees) or any Occupy rally.  Oh gosh!  The lefty’s got us there - lots of jobs created cleaning up the filth and trash...
The only violent incident I can recall at a Tea Party rally was a black man getting badly beaten - by leftist thugs who came to protest the rally...

One night I called a buddy of mine - a Desert Shield/Storm veteran - who lives in East Texas to discuss some things and politics came up.  I mentioned to him how frustrating it was trying to bring lefty’s over to the right side and he said to me to give it up, it was a lost cause.  He said that their concept of what America is - or supposed to be - was totally alien to how we look at the USA and the Constitution.  I think he was right.  Another facet I have noticed about Leftist’s - they are never happy or satisfied with this country.  After I graduated from high school in 1958 I enlisted in the regular Navy (regular meaning 4-year active - 2 years ready & standby reserve) and to this day I remember being sworn in at the Santa Monica post office, and that oath means as much to me today as it did then.

One could make the case that Obama’s election is actually a cathartic for the country - a time when citizens are made aware how important their votes are, and that it is essential that they exercise their right to vote.

Ted Cruz
Bobby Jindal
 Mike Lee
Allen West
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Rand Paul

to be cont...

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