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stuff from 2007 ~


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I mentioned below that Smidge brought in a baby chick last night - here they are in bed. It wanted to cuddle, Smidge wasn't so sure.



11 March 2007 - Sunday Nite ~

Gee - it's be so long since I've been here - I almost forgot how to get in...

Well - hay season is upon us once more, and I guess I'll give it one more go-around. We actually made the first cut first week of February, but it was more like a trim, just to tidy up the seven acres it was on. Cathy just re-cut it yesterday--along with the 30 acres that goes with it. So far we've cut 130 acres, so that leaves about 600 to finish the cycle. Come to think of it - about 500 'cause there is still sheep on about 80 acres down on the south 210 so we'll catch that on the next cycle. The sheep sure fatten up in the winter on the alfalfa.

Yesterday Jim's dad and I loaded "sunscreen" for Jim in their grove sprayer. He's putting it on all their lemon groves to protect the new leaves after the hard freeze we had a few weeks ago. It looks like their groves are going to make out okay and they won't miss a harvest. A lot of the groves around here got hit hard and will definitely miss the next harvest. The grove just north of my place really got hit hard and is in bad shape. The "sunscreen" is a white powder that when mixed with water is whitewash, and when I got home I looked like a mime. It washes off - but you have to use soap; and you have to slather yourself with lotion or oil, 'cause it dries your skin out something fierce.

I cut 20 acres this morning, then Cathy took over and did 10 more while I serviced the rake and the balers; we'll start raking and baling in the morning while Cathy starts cutting the south 210.

From the Great Northern Sonoran Desert – where the word "desert" is again synonymous with heat – Buenos Noches...

14 February 2007 - Wednesday ~

Glenn Beck wrote this - I reprint it - ‘cause I’m kinda in his camp...

A Shot Through the Heart

Ah…Valentine’s Day. It’s a time to celebrate love…to show someone special how much you really care…to declare for all the world to see that your heart belongs to your one and only.

But more than anything…it’s a sham, a scam and a slap in the face to real romance.
Sure, the recognition of Valentine’s Day goes back hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until the early part of the 20th century that the “celebrating” really kicked in. Coincidentally, that’s also the time that the advertising and marketing industries first started figuring out how to get us to buy stuff that we don’t really want or need. See, Valentine’s Day is one of those manufactured “holidays” that only exist so card and candy companies can make a buck and men can be given one more test of how much they love their wives and girlfriends. But before I get to that point, let me start by saying, with all due love and compassion on this day of flowery sentiments…America is full of big, giant fattys.

Obesity is a national epidemic, so I can’t for the life of me understand why we’ve institutionalized an occasion to give one another boxes of calorie-rich chocolate. Why doesn’t Godiva just make little nougat submarines than can course through our veins and attack our hearts with little cream-filled torpedoes?
And another thing—isn’t a huge part of the country always crying about the environment…how we’ve got to save all the freakin’ forests and be less conspicuous consumers? Why then isn’t there a huge march on Washington every Valentine’s Day to protest the senseless killing of trees just so we can make millions of cards picturing chubby winged babies shooting heart-tipped arrows down from the heavens?

Mostly though, I have a problem with Valentine’s Day because it focuses too much romantic energy on just one day. I adore my wife will all my heart and soul and don’t need Hallmark to give me a specific 24 hours to tell her so. Do I feel strongly enough about this to hold a one-man protest and boycott the observation of Valentine’s Day? Without question. Will I act on that feeling by protesting and boycotting the observation of Valentine’s Day? What are you—insane? Of course I’m going to make a big deal about it and shower my beautiful wife with gifts, love and attention. Principles and maverick opinions are one thing, but sleeping on the couch is quite another.
Hugs and kisses,

I do have a comfy couch, tho...

From the Great Northern Sonoran Desert – where it is obvious that the word "desert" is not synonymous with heat – Buenos Dias...

23 January 2007 - Tuesday Noon ~

Must be cold - as in freezing - 'cause I could hear scattered wind machines last night, although we didn't get below 38 at our place last night...

From the Great Northern Sonoran Desert – where it is obvious that the word "desert" is not synonymous with heat – Buenos Dias...

14 January 2007 - Sunday Eve ~

Ah - a warming trend! In fact–if you can call a forecast a fact–the highs are supposed to be in the mid 60's by the weekend - and the lows are supposed to stay in the low 40's. I do hear a wind machine or two running. The lemon grove just to the north of my place was hit pretty hard in some spots; they don't have wind machines, but use the drip system to warm things up a bit. It usually works pretty well because the temperature of the ground water runs in the mid 70's.

Well, that's about enough griping about the weather, and here's to warmer days - and nights...

From the Great Northern Sonoran Desert – where it is obvious that the word "desert" is not synonymous with heat – Buenos Noches...

14 January 2007 - Sunday Eve ~

Still cold - although today was a little warmer than yesterday. Can hear the wind machines again. Having lived on the coast a major part of my life, these cold temps are somewhat uncomfortable for me. Guess I should adjust to it as I am considering moving to an area where the winters are even more severe.

Cathy came in this morning with some pics–

Peter Max's Icicles ~
You can see the icicle hanging down from Laredo's waterer ~
The lil' studs was sheeted over ~
and the goats ~

'twas a bit nippy...

From the Great Northern Sonoran Desert – where it is obvious that the word "desert" is not synonymous with heat – Buenos Noches...

14 January 2007 - Sunday Morn~

Couldn't sleep, got up to get a cookie and a glass of milk. The wind machines are howling like banshees all across the mesa - freeze warnings are in effect. The temp at the Marine Air Base is showing 34 but out here (5 miles south) it's 28. In fact most of the stations in the area are reporting 28 or below. Our refrigerator is still outside - the kitchens not quite done yet - and I thought I might not be able to make it back to the door with my glass of milk - 12 feet - it's so damn cold. Yesterday was on the cool side and it looks like today is going to be a cold one also...

From the Great Northern Sonoran Desert – where it is obvious that the word "desert" is not synonymous with heat – Buenos Noches - or should I say - Buenos Dias?…

05 January 2007 - Friday Eve~

After four months of hard work - Cathy, as Aunt Eller, opened Oklahoma! at the YCT–Yuma Community Theatre. It was great, and so was she! I'll run a full page on it as soon as I process the photos - and write the story...

From the Great Northern Sonoran Desert – where there's almost as much sand in the air as on the ground – Buenos Noches…

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