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Idiots of Note ~
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Idiots of Note ~

Idiots of note ~
Bloomberg - xMayor of New York City --- When are the citizens of the Big Apple going to wise up!
Harry Reid - A senile embarrassment to the citizens of Nevada, but I suppose they deserve it - they voted for him.  Obviously they don't care about the rest of us.  A puppet that lies when his strings are pulled ~
Nancy Pelosi - an indication of the deterioration of the Bay area voters.  When she’s not lying her opinions are incoherent ~
Dick Durbin - if the people of Illinois care about this country, this idiots got to go ~
Charles Schumer - unfortunately for the citizens of New York - this guy is a giveaway to their intelligence ~
Al Gore - the Global Warming BUFFOON!  What an idiot!  That goes for the people that believe the crap this shyster puts out ~
Joe Biden - a room temperature IQ - and I'm talking a room temperature in January with no heat - requiring long-johns and two sweaters ~

More to come  Cool