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19 December 2012 - Wednesday - 1500 ~

Released from hospital this afternoon after an attempt yesterday to install a stint in my left leg in the hip area.  For reasons unknown to me - they were unable to put the stint in place and will try again at a later date.

14 September 2012 - Friday - 0700 ~

Strong east-southeasterly winds picking up sand - hope it settles down - have work to do outside and I'd rather not wear goggles :-)

11 September 2012 - Tuesday - 0230 ~

Power restored.  APS (Arizona Power Service) had their work cut out for them - there were nine poles down laying across the road on my street north of my place resulting in the road closed for two miles.  Generators secured - breakers reset...

09 September 2012 - Sunday - 2100 ~

Severe thunderstorms rolling in from the southwest - preceded by hurricane force winds-taking down trees and power poles-with a sand storm - followed by heavy rain.  Continuous lightning cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground.  Power is down for a major part of the area - currently running on generator...

Slide show fron the Yuma Sun

30 August 2012 - Thursday - 0330 ~

Thunderstorms rolling in from the southwest - few raindrops beginning to fall - which leads me to my favorite line ---

"It was a dark and stormy night..."

27 August 2012 - Monday ~

Went to see Dinesh D'Souza's "2016:  Obama's America" - great documentary.  Based on his book "The Roots of Obama's Rage" ~

Info and the trailer ~

30 July 2012 - Monday ~

Glean Beck’s “Restoring Love” at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium -
The final rally in the Restoring trilogy ~

16 July 2012 - Monday Nite ~

A month ago I got a small cut above my ankle on my left leg which became infected.  On Wednesday - the 20th of June - my doctor sent me to ER at Yuma Regional Medical Center - Yuma’s hospital, a big one - and I started a 10 day stay at the hospital.  Ten days receiving IV’s, pills, dressing changes, and not able to get out of bed (pain and not wanting to drag the IV stand with me) for the first 4 days.  The nurses, nurse assistants, and other personnel were fantastic, making me as comfortable as possible.  

13 July 2012 - Friday Nite ~

It was a dark and stormy night (one of my favorite lines) - and thunderstorms rolled in from the south coming up from Mexico - and headed north up the river.  Heavy rain with a lot of lightning - ground to cloud and cloud-to-cloud.  Power went out at 2110 and came back on just after midnight.  Went out to check the horses and they were all fine, as were the goats and sheep.

30 April 2012 - Monday - 2127 MST ~

My pal of 11 years - Benito - passed away tonight after declining health for several weeks.  When he took his last breath I stroked him and told him I'll see him on the other side....

More later ~

Back about 2001 I lost a dog, so I went to the animal shelter and found two Dobie mixed breed brothers, Attila and Kaiser, that were about 6 months old.  The shelter said that the people that had them couldn't keep them because they were too big for their apartment.  The mix showed in Kaiser - he had a deep chest, whereas Attila was lean and thin and looked Doberman.  They were in separate cages, and when I walked up to them, Kaiser jumped up and ran up to me - all excited and seemed to be saying, “Take us!  Take us!”  Attila was laying on the mat - facing the wall and wouldn’t look at me.  Kaiser would jump over to him as if to say, “C’mon - this guy will take us!”  Back and forth Kaiser went, and Attila raised his head looking over his shoulder at me then laid back down.  Finally, Kaiser got him to get up and he came over to the gate and he gave me a surly, disinterested look and then turned around and laid back down as if to say, “He’s not going to take us - knock it off...”  The intern took them one at a time out to the get acquainted pen; Kaiser was outgoing and friendly - Attila was reserved and stand-offish.
I gave the shelter 110 bucks and loaded them up.  When I got back to my place, Clemente and I took them out of the back of the truck and they spied Viejo - my pet goat.  They were on a short leash but took off after Viejo - my 220 lbs were enough to hold Kaiser but I still remember watching Attila dragging Clemente - his heels making furrows in the sand.  Wish I had taken a picture.

They were a funny pair, like I said, two totally different personalities.  But when they went after something - they went together - Attila would go in high and Kaiser low.    Any dogs that wandered in regretted it.  People would drive in - and before they would get out I would tell them, “If you’re afraid of these dogs, stay in the cab until I put them away - otherwise get out.”  They could detect if someone was afraid of them and they would go into the attack mode.

Because they had never been in other than an apartment environment, my place was a real treat for them, chickens, goats, cows, horses and lots of Jackrabbits to chase.  Within a few days I bought electric collars with two remotes, one for Clemente and one for me.  The remote had 4 buttons that when pushed gave a 3 second buzz then a - well - “1” gave a little tingle after the warning buzz, “2” a mild shock, “3” an attention getter, and “4” was ass-over-teakettle time!  I only had to use 4 a couple of times.  After that, all you had to do was hit the button and as soon as they heard the buzz they would spin around and run back to us and sit down.  They knew they were safe if they were next to us.  The collars came off after a couple of weeks, and they were good boys after that - and great watchdogs.  Well - not that they would bark - just attack. Laughing

Clemente had trouble with their names - some Texicans are funny that way  Wink - and my daughter Michelle was staying with me, so I asked her to rename them.  When she came in for breakfast the next morning I asked her what she had come up with.  She laid her hand on Attila’s back and said, “This is Pancho Villa;” and then Kaiser’s back, “and this is Benito Juarez.”  So they were Pancho and Benito, and Clemente didn’t have any trouble with those names.

One night I let them out about midnight to pee, and Benito came back in - but Pancho didn’t.  About 0200, Benito jumped up and faced SE - his ears up and started whining.  I went outside and looked for Pancho, but he did not come to the call, and I couldn’t find him.  Got on the cart the next morning and went looking for him.  I was going south on the road in front of my place, and about a hundred yards down, I looked over my left shoulder and saw Benito on the east side of the road laying on his belly with his head on something.  I spun around and went back to where he was, and his head was laying on Pancho’s - he’d been hit - guess he was chasing something across the roadway.  Took Benito a long time to get over that - he would wake up at night sometimes and let out a mournful howl.  I’ve loved every dog I’ve ever had - but I guess my two favorites were Dana - a Great Dane, and Benito.

A Greek lady friend of mine, said she believed that when you go over to the other side, you are on a big boat and sail across a big lake, and on the other side there is a dock, and all of your friends and family that have gone before are standing on the dock waving to you as you arrive.  She said in my case there was also going to be a lot of wagging tails Cool



Egg Nog
The only thing wrong with Egg Nog - is that it only appears during the holidays.  I have no one to blame tho, because I have made my own egg nog - and it was very good - better than store bought in my opinion.  Unfortunately, my egg nog does not contain maltodextrin, artificial flavors, modified food starch, carrageenan, annatto, and turmeric, so it is probably not as good for you as store bought.

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